About Us


There’s a new way to visit a city: feel like at home.

 We provide fully furnished rooms with new furniture , all at very affordable rates.  You can rely on us to find you a perfect place to call home during your stay in Florence. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable living experience at a simple and young atmosphere.
  • Free WiFi

  • Reception

  • Breakfast included

  • Hair Dryer

  • Bed linen and towels

  • Hot plates ( on request )

Lorenzo Bellini, nicknamed "Il Bello", is the dark-haired one, with a wide Tuscan nose and a face burnt by too much work and too much life. He mends elevators and if you ever happen to get stuck in one he’s the one you’ll probably see coming to save you: because Il Bello always arrives at the right time and he knows how to solve problems.

Lorenzo Vaggelli, nicknamed “Il Vagge”, is the blonde one with the shy eyes and with a beard, which is as wild as his dreams. He doesn’t drive and wherever he goes, he goes on foot: and to visit a friend, he would walk for hours.

Bello has new ideas every day but most times, they don’t work out, and he has big and laborious hands that aren’t only good at mending things, but also know how to pull out of trouble and can fix even the most mixed up situations and people.

Vagge brings good and kindness wherever he goes with his patient step. And with that step he has gone a long way: a morning like any other he woke up and said: “Mum, I’m off to India”. He came back after eight months when nobody was waiting for him anymore, and since then he doesn’t worry too much about what he wears.




























Now Bello and Vagge manage a B&B in San Niccolò , in that same place where everything started , that little criss-cross of roads in Oltrarno just a minute away from the Ponte Vecchio that still has the shape of a village and the nice smell of flowers and freshly baked bread, scattered with fashionable rendez-vous, art galleries, typical

trattorie (typical and quite rustic Tuscan restaurants), patisseries and fruit shops, locked between the placid river and the steep slope up to San Miniato like a secret.

And they do it properly.

If you come, you’ll find a welcoming accommodation and a friendly welcome.

If you come, maybe you’ll think there is no better place to stay in Florence to have a short getaway to to stay on for a few weeks, to really get to know it, discovering the intimacy of her most welcoming soul, indulging deeply in all its ironical and elegant florentinity.

Maybe you’ll think that there is no better place to stay in Florence to fall in love with it and love it for the rest of your life.

Just how they fell in love with it and still love it: Bello and Vagge, Lorenzo&Lorenzo.


I am Nando

Bello and Vagge are what they are.

And they are friends.

In September 2013 Bello and Vagge decided to go and live together: they rented a small, rundown flat on the last floor of a building without a lift in the heart of San Niccolò in Florence, they patched it up and made a cosy home out of it.

But Bello and Vagge were very ambitious, maybe rash, and the rent of the welcoming home in San Niccolò soon turned out to be too high for their poor finances: and that is how this whole story began.

Since January 2014, for a handful of euros that may help them pay the rent, Bello and Vagge started hosting anyone who was passing through Florence and was looking for a cosy bed, a warm meal and two friendly faces: the opera singer come for a romantic weekend with her Spanish lover, the three Californian girls on a world tour after their degree, the Austrian newlyweds with a passion for yoga and organic cuisine, the Canadian painter who laughed loudly and loved women and good wine.

Every guest immediately became a new friend, an unexpected encounter, a story to discover.

Until, one day, they turned to each other and said: “What if we really did this?”. So they really did it.

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